“Bienengott”, Performance 6. August 2015




Last summer I began to shape masks and invented costumes of new, but old looking archetypal figures.

The first one I did was the “Bienengott”(Beegod). An old beehive worn as a mask could represent the absence of the ego  (like the basket did for the  komusō monks in old Japan – see painting in background) as well as a dark place of transformation where in an alchemical process the collected nectar is transformed into the sweetness of honey.

I made up little symbolic rituals to give something back to certain aspects of nature and to pick up a silent dialogue with places in the closer environment of where I live. Therefore I collected a bunch of flowers in bloom at this time of the year. Late summer is already a difficult time for the bees to find enough flowers in bloom.

I found an old oak tree struck by lightning, with one  hollow side so that it could have served a swarm of bees as a natural home in times before the humans invented square dwellings for the bees. Here was the starting point. When the sun rose early next morning the “Bienengott” went down to the local river “Hunte”. I dropped the flowers into the river and poured a glass of honey into the honey coloured water of the river. As a symbolic thank for the work of the bees and to give back a homeopathic bit of sweetness with which the bees provide us humans ever since the relation between us started.
I found out that the costume and mask help to step back from the everyday persona and “become” the archetypal figure.





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